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From senior Bangkok handicraft center of Italy to lead the global fashion super brand, from family disputes momentum plummeted to Tom Ford took over after the rise of regeneration, Gucci from the cloud to the bottom, then from the bottom to the story of the cloud, it is a legend, from the late 40 s to 60 s, Gucci have launched Gucci perfume and so on a series of classic design, the product's unique design and good material, become the symbol of elegance and luxury, as Jacqueline Kennedy, Sophia loren and the duchess of Windsor fair maiden celebrities such as recommended. Fashion trends change quickly! Since the mid-1990s, few of the most powerful brands in fashion have emerged, but Gucci is by far the hottest. Gucci with many brands, after a period of brand is low, only gradually go back to the international mainstream, actually Gucci the long historical development, founder Guccio Gucci come into contact with the rich gentry as early as in 1898 in London, celebrities, and noble taste infatuate deeply for them



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Gucci 2018 Resort mixes series launched a pair of "small dirty shoes", very accord with sneakers agitation restoring ancient ways of fire in recent years all over the world, but different is the Gucci design idea was put forward by the "dirty" shoe, with distinct and rich make vamp leather, board thickness of extremely large outsole, adorn have the shoes do old processing

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Shanghai, Aug. 15, 2012 -- Gucci announced that limited-edition sneakers for greater China will be sold in 11 selected stores nationwide. Gucci greater China limited edition shoes designed for greater China, consumer preferences, four styles in limited release 500 pairs, shoes, fashion and luxury, with horse hair, zebra, metal stud as an ornament

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GUCCI classic ace series gold embroidery bee little white shoes, is absolutely the fashion world of the devil! In fact, Gucci embroider element and fastidious craft not only go up in dress, classic red and green white element mixes rivet, embroider, bead piece wait for element, combine the change of different inspiration theme of every season.


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