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Women Gucci Hoodie&Men Gucci Hoodie

GUCCI clothing and youth culture have a complex relationship, and hip-hop has become mainstream and the fashion world is becoming more and more popular. The hoodies have a new meaning as the gang rap of the 1990s becomes a symbol of hip-hop culture. How can you cut down on the hoodie and hoodie? Tie-in jeans, all kinds of street sports funky modelling, likes to play the extreme fashion circle, GUCCI the trend of the clothing of GUCCI also goes to ultra long and ultra short. Wear a long hooded shirt or a short dress, or simply wear it as a skirt, and go missing and let you show off your legs. GUCCI, GUCCI, and sweatpants at first glance, it seems like we're going out in a full set of sportswear. In fact, this kind of method can be called "lazy wind" to some extent, especially suitable for outside leisure. Brand special online launched an exclusive new limited edition t-shirts, fleece and the 9 design, t-shirts set limit to 200 pieces of each style, each style fleece is set limit to 100 pieces, each number label attached and special packaging, design includes Ignasi Monreal since 2015, when the first # GucciGram project painting works, mix before his signature type surreal aesthetic, and pre-raphaelite and Italy surrealist painting master De Chirico style。

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